Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So You've Had a Bad Day

I had a rotten few days, my house is infested with fleas, and nothing seems to kill them.  I've been feeling low about my appearance and just plain exhausted most days.  This all reminds me of a piece I wrote awhile ago about what to do when you're feeling rotten, hopeless, and defeated.  Keep fighting my friends, good things happen to good people. 

Sometimes there are no positives to a situation, but those are the times one draws upon a reserve store of emotion and energy deep that lies deep inside.  I use the absolutely bleak moments as fuel to make a huge change.  It’s like hitting rock bottom, once you’re there, it is now possible to stand and push off and the perfect time to make huge life changes. 

For multiple reasons, the modern environment has caused individuals to lose sight of the power they have in themselves.  One needs to have faith in themselves first and foremost.  We rely on doctors or drugs to heal us; others have become dependent on antidepressants and try to find answers in a pill instead of doing some soul searching.  People with problems now look to the government to bail themselves out.  Life is hard for everybody.  There is never a simple easy answer, or everyone would do it.  I believe that if you are confident in your own abilities, you can survive any situation and turn it into a positive.  While a positive attitude is infectious and helpful, attitude alone cannot make changes in your life.   It is up to each individual to actively seek out ways to improve their lives in any area.  Actions, drive, and perseverance are the only paths that are guaranteed to bring results. 

Lastly here's a song that has sometimes mad me cry harder, sometimes cheered me up, both were absolutely necessary at the time. 

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