Monday, April 8, 2013

Honey Badger is Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Often I ask for my friends animals to write about. This week I asked one of my best friends Elena and she picked one of the toughest critters alive, the Honey Badger. How is a seemingly cute weasel-like animal tough as nails? In case you haven't seen one of the funniest video's I have ever seen, please watch below first (note this video contains lots of adult language)

Elena and I have been friends for over 15 years. I truly believe she is one of my soul mates on this earth. Right now we're both going through a very rough patch in life. At the moment we're both channeling our inner Honey Badgers. I believe we choose all aspects of our life, but it may not always be in the conscious part of our brain. If we choose everything that happens to us in life, then why do we have so many bad things happen? I see it as our greater subconscious being can see where we want to be, but also knows that our conscious reptilian brain will never go there willingly. Humans brains are wired to keep a routine and not take risks. We have lessons to learn, and often they're not lessons we would experience willingly. So our subconscious brain will create a scenario that is less than desirable to our conscious brain. I've spoken about my accident in the past and often get asked if I could have a re-do would I take it? Not a chance. I took many things away from me that day, but four stick out in my brain. 1. I know what true friendship is. I had several friends put their lives on the line to save mine. 2. I know how strong I am. Not much scares me now days. 3. I don't sweat the small stuff often (and it is true, everything is small stuff).
Four amazing gifts that I would never have gotten if I didn't go through some serious torture. So how does this all tie back to the Honey Badger? Well, when you're going through those moments in life where your subconscious is teaching you a hell of a lesson, you get to channel your inner Honey Badger. 
  • Up against events in life that seem impossible? Honey Badgers weigh about 30 lbs and have taken down foes far superior in size and strength. They routinely hunt cobras and small crocodiles. A honey badger will even take away gazelles from lion packs.
  • Need tougher skin? Honey Badgers routinely ransack African bee hives (these are the crazy killer bees everyone warns you about). Their skin is very thick and can resist the stings. Their skin is also what allows them to repel snake bites.
  • Can't figure something out in life? Honey Badgers are one of the few animals that can use tools. A honey badger was filmed rolling a log to a cave in order to reach its prey.
So if life has you down,channel your inner Honey Badger and start kicking ass and taking names.