Friday, September 2, 2011

The Sleep Diet

So it seems my little intro of Biomimicry sparked a lot of great conversations, and inspired the hell out of me.  Last time I explained what Biomimicry was, but what do I see as the great use for it?  I think it can go far beyond a reason to conserve the planet, it could be used as a way to greatly increase efficiency for any business.  It is also an amazing source of ideas. 

The other day I was talking to my best friend Mallory about polar bears and some of their unique attributes.  Why would humans want to be more polar bear-like?  Polar bears can gain muscle mass and strength simply by sleeping.  Human muscle mass is driven by mechanical factors mainly exercise (lots of exercise).  Humans force muscle mass building by eating protein and can even take steroids to speed up the break-down and build up of muscles.  Unfortunately once a human stops using their muscles they break down into fat.  A polar bear takes the completely opposite strategy by eating large amounts of fat and slowing down muscle breakdown.  What person wouldn't want to be able to eat tons of fat, sleep as much as they want and wake up with less fat and more muscle?  That is the true dream diet!

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