Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prepare for a Cute Attack

Again, I must apologize for the extended time between blog posts. I haven't abandoned my love for animals and science. I have been busy working far too much, saving plants, and riding horses somewhere in the middle of it all. For my blog posts I often ask people for suggestions on what animals to write on, well my good friend Armon voted that everyone needs to know more about the adorable Red Panda. To see just how adorable click on the link below for a cute overload: take me to adorable baby red pandas...

Red Pandas are not related to Giant Pandas, sorry I know it is truly devastating, but I don't think one genus could survive that much cuteness... Instead they are more closely related to raccoons, skunks, and weasels. They are the only living species of the genus Ailurus. Classification of the Red Panda has been a heated issue, initially they were assigned to the raccoon family, then to bears, finally scientists decided (or were brainwashed by the Red Pandas flicking their fluffy tails) to give Red Pandas their very own family classification. Their nearest relative was Parailurus who lived 3-4 million years ago and died out in the last Ice Age, thus proving Red Pandas are either tougher or luckier than first believed.

 Red Pandas are arboreal mammals, meaning they live their life in trees. Their claws are semi retractable, those combined with a special false thumb allows them to descend trees headfirst. They claw with their front legs and rotate their ankles to grasp either side of the tree, making even the most skilled pole dancers jealous. They are omnivores and mainly eat bamboo, but also enjoy eating eggs, birds, and insects (don't let your guard down)... They live in the eastern Himalayas of China.

When threatened Red Pandas will try to flee up a tree or rock, however when trapped they will stand up on their hind legs to look bigger (or more adorable) and use their small but fierce front claws to hopefully deter their enemy (or have cute jazz hands). Red Pandas are solitary creatures except for mating season when like humans all morals are compromised for the perpetuation of the species.

I promise I will try and get back to more regular posts at least once a month in the future. Love you all,
Jazz Hands

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