Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clean Eating

So I know typically I post about animals and biomimicry, but today I want to share another passion of mine, clean eating.  This is eating food which is as close to possible as its' natural state.  So no processed food.  Obesity has become rampant and people without weight problems have so many ailments that are a direct link to eating heavily altered and processed foods. 

Now I'm about to put forth some controversial ideas out there.  When I tell people I'm against taking antibiotics, or sleep aids, anything for an extended period of time I get a lot of funny looks.  I mean I am a biologist right?  Don't biologist come up with new cures and solve the world's problems?  We do but I believe science is trying to fix too many surface problems.  If we didn't focus so much time on the next weight loss drug, or headache pills, and all of the minor problems, more attention could be put into solving cancer, AIDS, very big not self inflicted issues.

Let me ask some of you out there if you have any of these problems, minor but daily headaches, joint pain, acid reflux, anxiety, sleep problems, overweight?  These all can be fixed or vastly improved through clean eating.  I know because I suffered from daily headaches that got to be debilitating, inability to sleep, no energy, and overweight.  These all have been fixed in less than a month.  I've lost 8lbs, not a single headache, dreaming for the first time in months, and feeling more alive than ever.

How does one eat clean?  Very easy avoid any processed food and eat as much natural food as possible.  Basically anything that comes in a package is bad news, sodas and many juices are bad, white sugar and flour are bad, if it doesn't rot in less than a week it has been altered heavily and is full of preservatives.  It is nearly impossible to eat 100% clean and I don't.  But the better you eat the more your body will restore to its' original blueprint of perfection.  You may not be stick thin but you will be a healthy weight, you may not sleep for 10 hrs but you will sleep as much as your body needs.  It works for everything.  Eating non-processed also means cooking a lot and not eating out.  I cook daily and make extra to take on my lunches.  I eat a huge variety of meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, whole grains, because I get bored with food easily.

I also like to pair the clean eating with moderate exercise.  The more you are active the better your circulation, the more energy you get, the more calories you burn.  It can be nearly any type of activity, I ride my horses and walk, so nothing extreme.  It will only enhance the clean eating.  That's all for now,


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