Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Testing, Testing, 123...

So this blog all came about because I've been processing a few ideas for awhile now, simply writing on them from time to time whenever inspiration strikes me.  I've helped my lovely boss develop her blog and even written once or twice on it, finally I decided hmm why not write my own.  My posts will be mainly about biomimicry, inspirational speaking, horses from time to time, and some randoms may pop up...  If I ever figure out how to scan my drawings, a comic or two may appear...  

Now already I have lost some of you on what the hell is biomimicry?  That is why I have listed a lovely cheater definition down below to help you out.  My dad is an uber-nerd like myself.  We talk for hours on animals and weird nature facts.  He is the current biomimicry expert in the country, and can dazzle you for days with his stunning slides.  I on the other hand, geek out and go on and on about animals and their weird abilities and how if I spliced some strange hybrid or isolate specific proteins, I could fix all our problems. 

To give you a slight insight on the odd places my mind goes, today I was thinking about shark cartilage, yes shark cartilage.  It is a popular additive in many supplements claiming to be an antioxidant.  The theory behind shark cartilage is trying to utilize a supposed theory that sharks do not get cancer.  How can sharks be utilized so people don't get cancer?  The downside to these additives is they are all via supplement that is ingested.  So, as it goes through your digestive system, mainly your stomach, the super high acid with completely destroy whatever happy protein or enzyme gave Mr. Shark all the benefits...  But back to sharks don't get cancer.  It isn't know exactly how they avoid getting cancer, I could drag on with some theories but I will spare you, the important point is they don't get cancer.  At the moment one of my good friends has brain cancer.  Wouldn't it be amazing to isolate the protein, enzyme, whatever mechanism the shark prevents cancer with and transform it for human use?  Just think no more chemo, or radiation, instead a completely natural treatment effective against all types of cancer.  Sharks are just one little piece of biomimicry and where it could take us as a society.

It seems today people don't care about conservation just for the sake of biodiversity, or keeping the world beautiful, which is exactly why they should become biomimicrists!  Nature did everything first and doesn't like to waste energy.  This has made most of its mechanisms extremely efficient.  Every business wants to save money or make money and efficiency is the best way to do it.  I will elaborate in future posts even more on why you should become a biomimicrist.  For now I will sign off and hopefully leave you wanting more and very intrigued... 
Ta ta for now,

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